IT'S THE PRE-APOCALYPSE.  With the global population rising so high, many are forced to live underground and the crime rates are at an all time high. Some sadistic, authoritive **** decided the best way to deal with prisons being overcrowded was for people to fight for entertainment in promise of a chance for freedom. Help a gang of delinquents fight their way out of juvie by collecting skateboarding gear and weapons through the holes of the caverns!

This game was produced in a two-week period for Seattle Indie's Slow Jam under the theme of "A Strange Dungeon". Narrative Concept by Tiana Berg.  

Production Credits

Creative Director &  Artist

Tiana "Tfizzle" Berg (

Producer and Writer

 Lore Zent (

Lead Programmer

Spencer Rawls (

Composer & SFX

fluffy (


Jess Grommet (

QA Tester & Debugger

Daniel Chipman 

Voice Acting Credits 


BB (twitter)


Stix (Discord: Stix#0666)


Tiana "Tfizzle" Berg (see above for links)


"A British Friend"


Spills (twitter)(twitch)


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I really enjoyed the artwork and the music was really nice. The voice acting added a nice touch, too. The battle concept was fun–I would love to play a more fleshed-out version of it. I wasn’t really sure what was happening with the skater but I think putting Rue in that role is what won many of the matches for me. lol Great game!

Super cool!!! Loved this strategy - it was cool defending my skater and trying to get them to do tricks safely. I really enjoyed the element that you can win the battle without killing all the enemies- really neat concept. The upgrades were really cool and it was neat to look at the enemies' values to see their battle stats to figure out a plan against them. Really cool!!! Also loved the writing and the art and music. Really cool game!!! 

I love the color scheme and character designs, and the voice lines help a lot with getting a sense of who everyone is quickly! I wish there was a way to reset the fight when you know that it's not going to work out this time. Very cute game, Andres got to see his family again!

The story's short but simple and the combat is just complex enough to be interesting for the entire runtime of the game. Love the character designs!

Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback! Glad you enjoyed ^-^